Traceability and transparency of the food ecosystem

TrustedChain® can manage the traceability of the entire food chain from the raw materials to the shelf products, giving the customers certified premium products with all the necessary information, i.e.:

  • usage of fertilizers and herbicides
  • types and conditions of transport (e.g. to guarantee the cold chain)
  • guarantee of immediate response in the event of contamination
  • certify the geographical area of production.

More transparency favoring quality products and the consumers

does not replace the current mandatory national food traceability systems introduced by law, but aims to support them by ensuring:

  • immutable information over time, without the possibility of external entities modifying/corrupting the data and with a true guarantee of products quality
  • totally digitized and standardized processes that ease the certification activities of the relevant authorities
  • greater transparency for the end customers, hence easily perceiving the quality of the product
  • reduction of counterfeiting of products, thus allowing producers to affirm their brands and bring quality to customers’ tables

Traceability within the reach of an app

For the end users, the ease of use of information is crucial and it is part of the perceived quality. To this purpose, it is possible to create personalized paths that illustrate to the customers the journey of the products from the beginning to the moment of purchase; hence allowing to verify the origin and quality of the products, thus giving customers a premium service and distinguishing the company from the competition.

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