BLOCKCHAIN the challenges of security in the Bitcoin era

Padova – 1/31/19

January 31, 2019 Workshop “BLOCKCHAIN ​​the security challenges in the Bitcoin era” in collaboration with Ifin Sistemi Srl
which will take place in Torre Archimede – Room 1C150 – Via Trieste 63, Padua, Italy on Jan 31, 2019.

Ifin Sistemi will be present with the following interventions:

Presentation of Ifin and the blockchain technology developed
In this talk, we tell who Ifin is, the products and services it sells, and its innovative business model, which is based on the role of digital Outsourcers and in particular on Trust Service Providers.
The TrustedChain project, based on Blockchain technology, which debuted in 2017 and provides an innovative role for Eidas Trust Service Providers in a DLT application aimed at the B2B world, will be told.

Technical introduction on blockchain technology
Brief technical introduction on blockchain and on the foundations necessary for its understanding.

The project carried out, the importance of collaboration with the University of Padua and the evolution of blockchain technology.

Future of company-side blockchain technology and benefits for the public
In particular, we will focus on some interesting applications on the enterprise side and how this can bring immediate benefit also to users/customers.

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