Ensuring efficiency and privacy in public digital services

Public authorities typically handle large amounts of data, often inefficiently. The principal issues are related to:

  • the centralized management of personal data, which may seriously jeopardize users’ privacy;
  • the lack of interoperability between systems at national and international level;
  • redundant data, accidental errors or unauthorized tampering committed by privileged insiders.

TrustedChain® offers significant advantages related to automation, resistance to tampering, and effectiveness of public administration workflows. Most importantly, it allows data to be analysed or crossed without ever compromising users privacy. Such applications are crucial to fostering the confidence of citizens in digital services.

Efficient management of public records

TrustedChain® can manage all kind of digital public records – such as digital identities, real estate, fiscal information, judicial data, information concerning immigration flows, and more –  in a safe, tamper-proof and decentralized way. Redundant data, cost, time and need for infrastructure can be greatly reduced, with significant saving in public expenditure.

Decentralized digital identities for e-government

The management of digital identities for e-government services are often based on sub-optimal technologies, which may compromise citizens’ privacy. TrustedChain® protocols guarantee privacy -by-design, rather than -by-policy.

Tax revenue and tracking

TrustedChain® can be used to improve the effectiveness of tax collection, and to manage and keep track of public and private funds, also through applications such as smart contracts and multi-signature transactions.

Interoperability and notarization service

TrustedChain® offers adequate interoperability and notarization of permissioned ledgers developed within public administration.

Data analysis and privacy

Within the TrustedChain® platform, a whole range of data analysis can be enable with positive spin-offs for public governance, while always protecting citizens personal information and privacy.

Artificial Intelligence applications

Leveraging an AI engine integrated into the TrustedChain® eco-system, it is possible to report anomalies through a cross analysis of data, or to predict future problems based on machine learning patterns.

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