TrustedChain® is the first private blockchain network between European Trust Services Providers and it has been designed by IfinSistemi.

By only admitting TSP as network’s partners and transaction validators the network is by-design secure, safe and guaranteed in the long run.

TrustedChain® is designed to offer high performance and reliability blockchain services.

Who are Trust Service Providers?

Trust Service Providers are defined by EU eIDAS Regulation 910/2014.

These are highly qualified companies, admitted by EU supervisory authorities after proper verification of compliance.

They provide digital trust services to the public and private sectors (Eg creation, verification and validation of electronic signatures, long term preservation, etc) And must guarantee maximum security and reliability, as per regulation.

Moreover, in this category are also included those realities recognized by Agid being able to provide digital preservation services as required by the Italian Public Administration.


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