Supply Chain Management and Traceability

TrustedChain® can simplify and improve the efficiency of many complex industrial workflows, which usually present similarities across different sectors.

Possible applications include:

  • traceability of products of an entire production chain from raw materials;
  • complete supply chain management;
  • preventing and combating counterfeiting.

Engaging with untrusted stakeholders for new patterns of business

The need to protect confidentiality in sensitive business often prevents market players from sharing their data. Therefore the blockchain technology cannot be effectively applied without addressing the privacy issue.

TrustedChain® algorithmic protocols are designed to meet different market needs across many industries, safely removing the barrier of sharing data with unknown or untrusted sources. Participants for instance can hide sensitive business information and only share data that do not endanger their competitive position in the market – especially when a wide array of stakeholders and competitors are involved.

This new way of sharing data boosts research, innovation and the development of new patterns of business in many sectors.

AI applications

The AI distributed system analyzes the data and support the decision-making phase of industrial workflows, with reactivity but also proactively, pointing out and predicting potential hazards and risks.

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