Is TrustedChain® a safe technology?

TrustedChain® is a highly reliable and safe technology. The network is run by European Trust Service Providers (TSPs), namely highly qualified and certified companies which must meet the best standards of IT efficiency and security. At European level, the TSPs are subject to Regulation (EU) N°910/2014, which recognizes trust, security and legal certainty in the online services as fundamental for consumers, businesses and public institutions: using TrustedChain® services, companies and public administrators will benefit not only from the blockchain applications, but also from the effects associated with the TSPs legal framework, which ensures durability and continuity of service, due diligence, best security practice, accountability of operations, and more.

Are the blockchain and Bitcoin the same thing? And what TrustedChain® got to do with them?

Blockchain is the distributed ledger technology underlying Bitcoin, but it can be used independently of it. Bitcoin is the first application of such computational paradigm, but there are many other applications. TrustedChain® is one of them: it is based on the blockchain technology, but it does not have any connection to Bitcoin and it is not based on speculative reward mechanisms, such as digital tokens or cryptocurrencies.

TrustedChain® is a private network: what does it mean? What is the difference between private and public blockchains?

There are many types of blockchains and distributed ledgers. They may differ in purpose, structure, security standards, complexity, and more. In general, blockchain networks may be open, public or unpermissioned like Bitcoin, meaning that anyone can become a node of the system, reading and writing transactions. Or they can be closed, private or permissioned, like TrustedChain®, in which only Trust Service Providers and institutional partners are allowed as computational nodes of the network. Compared to open blockchains, the permissioned network of TrustedChain® is more stable, reliable, secure, and hence suitable for long term preservation of data and other highly sensitive services.   

What can TrustedChain® do for my business?

TrustedChain® is an eco-system with many kind of blockchain-based applications for different sectors. Indeed, the security and reliability offered by our Trust Service Providers are essential to a wide range of businesses.

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