Management of immigration flows and security

TrustedChain® allows applications of great interest in the security sector, with particular reference to the management of immigration flows and public video surveillance systems.

TrustedChain®BIO and biometric data management

The blockchain-based platform TrustedChain®BIO can effectively manage and store biometrics and personal data of residents and for anyone coming in and out of a country. Such data can be automatically obtained from airports, ports, and other entry points in a country.

  • The control procedures for citizens and immigrants entering or leaving the country can be automatized, with the possibility of reporting situations of illegality regarding for example visa policy.
  • The algorithmic protocols of the platform guarantee privacy-by-design for data of any citizen or immigrant.
  • The system can be easily extended to many countries, always with complete data protection for citizens and immigrants.
    Every country can choose with which node of the network data shall be shared: a country can easily revoke access permission to its own data for one or more nodes at any moment, for example in the event of changed international political landscape.

AI applications and video-surveillance

The management of biometric data can interface with public administration digital ledgers and public video-surveillance systems. AI and machine learning applications can detect specific patterns of potential danger from security cameras images. Individuals suspected of committing offences can be identified and localized in real time, with stricter controls when entering or leaving a country.

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