TrustedChain® The First Blockchain Network of Trust Service Providers

TrustedChain® is the first permissioned blockchain network of European Trust Service Providers, designed by Ifin Sistemi, the Italian leading company in the sector of trusted services for public administration and banking.


The blockchain technology is widely acknowledged as one of the greatest IT invention of the last 30 years, since it enables to decentralize any digital transaction on large scale in a secure fashion. Firstly proposed in 2008 as the core technology of the Bitcoin digital cash protocol, the blockchain has …



The blockchain technology can work as a decentralized repository for documents, contracts, properties, and assets for business and public administration…



The healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors typically generate and manage large volumes of sensitive data.
While the collection …



The banking sector is currently investing in blockchain and distributed ledgers technologies (DLTs) with the view of …



Public authorities typically handle large amounts of data, often inefficiently. The principal issues are related to: the centralized management of data, which may …



TrustedChain® can simplify and improve the efficiency of many complex industrial workflows, which usually present similarities across different sectors. Possible …



TrustedChain® allows applications of great interest in the security sector, with particular reference to the management of immigration …

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