Milan, 23.5.17: Ifin Sistemi and Partners present TrustedChain®

Currently Blockchain technology has become a strategic asset to banks and financial world, but its potential applications are multiple concerning therefore many other sectors.

Blockchain technology is nowadays developing innovative solutions for managing and sharing industrial and commercial data and realizes value-added applications for the world of public administrations.

Again, its role in healthcare is of the utmost importance since it contributes in clinical data acquisition and preservation, and it also helps in sharing analysis to improve scientific research and quality of life.

Ifin Sistemi and Trust Service Provider (TSP) Partners will preview in Milan on May 23rd, the first Private Blockchain for High Reliability Services.

TrustedChain® is a platform created in partnership with leading international academic organizations and in collaboration with the most important TSP to provide  a long-term infrastructure guaranteed by design.

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