La rete TrustedChain: Blockchain Governance e il ruolo dei fornitori di servizi fiduciari

White Paper TrustedChain


Although the blockchain is widely acknowledged as one of the most disruptive technologies
emerged in the last decades, many implementation hurdles at the technical, regulatory and
governance level still prevent a widespread adoption of services based on open networks.
This research discusses the role Trust Service Providers may play in permissioned
blockchains, providing a reliable ecosystem in which services can be safely developed and
preserved in the long run. As case study, the paper outlines the main features of
TrustedChain®, the first blockchain network of European Trust Service Providers
specifically designed for highly sensitive sectors, with cutting-edge applications for public
administration, e-government, banking, e-health and industry. Emphasis is thus placed on
systemic trust, law compliance, adequate technical performance, confidentiality of
transactions and long term preservation of data as essential conditions for blockchain
networks to thrive and accomplish complex tasks in an effective and reliable way.

ATZORI_ TrustedChainWhite Paper


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